These are some audio extracts that might be of interest. 

There are the three Lecture/Recitals I did with Paul Kildea to promote his new book on Britten, some of Rossini's Guillaume Tell from a live concert with the Chelsea Opera Group and extracts from my CD of Medea in Corinto

One of the most versatile tenors of his generation, Mark Milhofer is as much at home in the music of Rossini as in the repertoire of Monteverdi, Mozart, Strauss or Benjamin Britten. He has built a strong reputation as a masterful interpreter of even the most demanding musical genres.

Gresham College Lecture Series, with Paul Kildea:

Darkness Audible: Benjamin Britten at 100 - Early, 1913-1945

Darkness Audible: Benjamin Britten at 100 - Middle, 1945-1970

Darkness Audible: Benjamin Britten at 100 - Late, 1971-1976

Chelsea Opera Group Concert - Queen Elizabeth Hall:

Asile hereditaire - Guillaume Tell - Rossini 

Ô ma patrie, mon cœur te sacrifie - Act 1 duet - Guillaume Tell 

Oui, vous l'arrachez à mon âme - Act 2 duet - Guillaume Tell 

Que la gloire puisse exalter nos cœurs - Act 2 Trio - Guillaume Tell 

Medea In Corinto, recorded live at Opera St Gallen, Switzerland:

Medea in Corinto - Mayr - Opening Aria 

Medea in Corinto - Mayr - Duet with Creusa 

Medea in Corinto - Mayr - Act 2 Aria of Giasone 

Medea in Corinto - Mayr - Recit and Duet with Medea 

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Palermo 19th Sept 2017

Charmes trop dangereux - Les Boreades - Rameau 

Eternal Source of Light - Handel 

If Music be the Food of Love - Purcell 

L'espoir renait dans mon ame - Orphee - Gluck 

Lamentatio - J C Bach 

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